Mandatory Disclosure

I.Name of the Institution


Prabhat Engineering College, Kalpi Road, Bara, Kanpur Dehat
Tel. No.: – (05111) 211296,

II. Name & Address of the Director

Prof.(Dr.) Subhash Singh Parihar
House No. 28 Navsheel Dham Phase-2
Kalyanpur-Bithoor Road
Kanpur Nagar-208017
Mobile No. +91 7007340827

III. Name of the Affiliating University

Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University, Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow

IV. Governance

  • Members of the Board and their brief background

Sl. No.


Nature of Association with the Promoting Body



Er.Prabhat Chand Kurrile




Er. Vinay Kr. Kurrile




Mr. Sanjay Kr. Kurrile




Er. Abhinay Kr. Kurrile




Smt. Monika Kurrile

Dy. Manager/Dy. Secretary



Smt. Preeti Kurrile




Smt. Arti Kurrile



  • Members of Academic Advisory Body Under Process
  • Frequency of the Board Meetings and Academic Advisory Body Monthly
  • Organizational chart and processes 



  • Nature and Extent of involvement of faculty and students in academic affairs/improvements 100%
  • Mechanism/Norms & Procedure for democratic/good Governance: –


    We have identified four major elements for good governance.

    3- Transparancy
    4- Participation.

    To achieve all these things we are having a full organizational hierarchy consisting of various deans , departmental heads and other committees who are looking  after their works very efficiently . Apart from all these things, we are encouraging full students participation in both academic and non-acedemic affairs.

  • Student Feedback on Institutional Governance/faculty performance:- 100%
  • Grievance redressal mechanism for faculty, staff and students: – 
    To check all the indiscipline acts , we are having a proctorial board.Anyone found ,is subjected to suitable actions .

V. Programmes

  • Name of the Programmes approved by the AICTE  : ALL
  • Name of the Programmes accredited by the AICTE : NIL
  • For each Programme the following details are to be given:
  • Name & Number of seats

No. Of Seats 60 60 60 60 60 60 60

  • Duration : 4 Years
  • Cut off mark/rank for admission during the last three years : 60% in PCM
  • Fee : 71,450/- (B.Tech. & M.B.A. Ist Academic Year 2012-13) 
  • Placement Facilities : Placement cell is to be established.

VI. Faculty

  • Branch wise list faculty members:

S. No.

Faculty Name


Qualifications Department
1. Dr.MANISHA BAJPAI Associate Professor Ph.D. Applied Science
2. DEVESH KUMAR Asst. Professor M.phil./persuing Ph.D. Applied Science


ANAND KUMAR SINGH Asst. Professor persuing Ph.D./M.Sc(Gold Madelist) Applied Science


OM NATH TRIVEDI Asst. Professor persuing Ph.D. Applied Science


RAJESH KUMAR PAL Asst. Professor persuing Ph.D. Applied Science


ATUL KUMAR YADAV Sr. Lecturer B.Tech/Persuing M.Tech Civil Engineering


MD. MUJAHID ALAM Lecturer B.Tech Civil Engineering


SANJEEV SINGH Associate Professor M.Tech Computer Science & Engineering


DHARMENDRA MISHRA Asst. Professor Ph.D. Computer Science & Engineering


YOGENDRA YADAV Sr. Lecturer MCA Computer Science & Engineering


SAURABH CHANDRA GUPTA Sr. Lecturer MCA/M.Sc. Computer Science & Engineering


RIZWAN ALI SHEIKH Sr. Lecturer Persuing M.Tech Computer Science & Engineering
13. ANAND PRATAP SINGH Sr. Lecturer Persuing M.Tech Computer Science & Engineering


PRINCE BHATIA Lecturer B.Tech Computer Science & Engineering


ANKITA SAINGER Lecturer B.Tech Computer Science & Engineering


VIVEK MISHRA Sr. Lecturer B.Tech Electrical & Electronics Engineering


SHWETA GUPTA Lecturer Persuing M.Tech Electrical & Electronics Engineering


GAURAV GUPTA Lecturer B.Tech Electrical Engineering


PRADEEP KUMAR SINGH Sr. Lecturer B.Tech Electrical Engineering
20. SANDEEP RATHOUR Asst. Professor M.Tech Electronics & Communication Engg.


SUNIL KUMAR DUBEY Sr. Lecturer Persuing M.Tech Electronics & Communication Engg.


KHUSHBU BHATIA Lecturer B.Tech Electronics & Communication Engg.


VINOD KUMAR Lecturer B.Tech Electronics & Communication Engg.


DIPIKA TRIPATHI Lecturer B.Tech Electronics & Communication Engg.


SONAL SINGHAI Sr. Lecturer B.Tech Electronics & Communication Engg.


MANOJ KUMAR  Lecturer B.Tech Information Technology


NARENDRA KUMAR YADAV Sr. Lecturer Persuing M.Tech Information Technology


DEEPSHIKHA TOMAR Lecturer B.Tech Information Technology


AMIT KUMAR YADAV Asst. Professor M.Tech Mechanical Engineering


ANKUR CHAUDHARY Lecturer B.Tech Mechanical Engineering


SHIVAM PANDEY Lecturer B.Tech Mechanical Engineering


AMIT KUMAR TRIPATHI Lecturer B.Tech Mechanical Engineering


PRITI YADAV Lecturer B.Tech Mechanical Engineering


SHWETA YADAV Sr. Lecturer MBA/Persuing M.Phil Masters in Business Administration


PRABHAKAR SINGH TOMAR Asst. Professor MBA/Persuing Ph.D Masters in Business Administration


VENUS MADAN Sr. Lecturer MBA Masters in Business Administration


SAURABH KANAUJIA Sr. Lecturer MBA Masters in Business Administration


SUSHMITA AWASTHI Sr. Lecturer MBA Masters in Business Administration


GAURAV GUPTA Lecturer MBA Masters in Business Administration


ABHILASHA SHUKLA Sr. Lecturer MBA Masters in Business Administration


PRIYANKA KURELE Lecturer MBA Masters in Business Administration


HARENDRA GUPTA Lecturer MBA Masters in Business Administration

Profile of Director/Principal with qualifications, total experience, age and duration of employment at the institute concerned (Biodata folder)

    Name :            Prof. (Dr.) N. K. Singh
                            MIG-37 Barra – 6, Kanpur 

    Phone :           09415490592
    Date of Birth : 13/02/1945
    Academic qualifications (with field of specialization) : 

         1.  Ph. D. (Chemistry) 
    Details of Experience (Academic / Industrial) :   

    Teaching Experience :38 years 

    Date of the appointment in the present institution : 30/08/2009 


  • Details of fee, as approved by State fee Committee, for the Institution.

S.No.           Category CET quota Management quota
Fixed by the State Fee Committee Being charged by the Institution Fixed by the State Fee Committee Being charged by the Institution
1. Admission Fee   2000   2000
2. Tuition Fee               ** 75000 ** 75000
3. University fee (Examination fee, Registration fee etc.)   3550   3550
4. Hostel fee (Rent etc.)   35000   35000
5. Laboratory fee   0   0
6. Library fee (Book Bank)   5000   5000
7. Any other   3000   3000

Total Fee

  88050   88050


** State fee committee has not fixed the fee till date


  • Time schedule for payment of fee for the entire programme: –
    1. One time payment.( per semester)
    2. Two time payment(per year)
  • No. of Fee waivers granted with amount and name of students. : N/A
  • Number of scholarship offered by the institute, duration and amount : N/A
  • Criteria for fee waivers/scholarship. : N/A
  • Estimated cost of Boarding and Lodging in Hostels. : Rs. 30000/- per annum

IX. Admission                                                                                                                           Top

  • Number of seats sanctioned with the year of approval for 2008-09.

2008 60 60 60 60

  • Number of students admitted under various categories in first year.

year CS EC EN IT
2008-09 57 45 18 53

  • Number of applications received for admission under Management Quota and number admitted. 

2008-09 150 36


  • Number of Courses and Seats available for session 2010-11 

No. Of Seats 60 60 60 60 60 60 60


X. Admission Procedure

  • Mention the admission test being followed, name and address of the Test Agency and its URL (website): –


                         UPTU   (through SEE) and management quota

    Number of seats allotted to different Test Qualified candidates separately [AIEEE/CET (State conducted test/University tests)/Association conducted test]: –

                           85% -UPTU   (through SEE)        and  
                           15% -management quota

  • Calendar for admission against management/vacant seats:-


    – Last date for request for applications. August every year depending upon the counseling by the SEE-UPTU.

    – Last date for submission of application. August every year depending upon the university guidelines in this respect 

    – Dates for announcing final results.  August every year depending upon the university guidelines in this respect

    – Release of admission list (main list and waiting list should be announced on the same day) Within 2-3 days after announcing results.

    – Date for acceptance by the candidate (time given should in no case be less than 15 days)  Within 15 days after releasing the admission list.

    – Last date for closing of admission. Last week of  August every year depending upon the guidelines by the Government/University in this respect

    – Starting of the Academic session.
    (The waiting list should be activated only on the expiary of date of main list.
    First week of September every year subjected to university guidelines for the same.

    – The policy of refund of the fee, in case of withdrawal, should be clearly notified.: – 

    Till the admission is not confirmed by the institute, any time student can withdraw his/ her provisional admission with refund of full fee deposited by him/her. After confirmation of the admission and acceptance, no fee shall be refunded in case of withdrawal of admission by the candidate.

XI. Criteria and Weightages for Admission                            

  • Describe each criteria with its respective weightages i.e. Admission Test, marks in qualifying examination etc.:                     

                                                        UPSEE 2008
                                                        10+2 , Minimum of 60% in PCM
            Mention the minimum level of acceptance, if any.
                                                        10+2, minimum of 60% in PCM
            Item No I-XI must be given in information brochure and must be hosted as fixed content             in the website of the institution.
                     The Website must be dynamically updated with regards to XII-XV.

XII. Application Form

  • Downloadable application form, with online submission possibilities.

XIII. List of Applicants

  • List of candidates whose applications have been received along with percentile/percentage score for each of the qualifying examination in separate categories for open seats. List of candidates who have applied along with percentage and percentile score for Management quota seats.

                   85% of  our total admission is made through State Engineering Entrance Examination           (SEE-UPTU) through counseling conducted by them according to the merit. 

XIV. Results of Admission under Management Seats/Vacant Seats   

  • Composition of selection team for admission under Management Quota with the brief profiles of members (This information be made available in the public domain after the admission process is over)


    Composition of selection team for admission under management quota:
    Dean(A), HOD’s, Administrative Officer and Registrar of the college.

XV. Information on infrastructure and other resources available Library: 

Course(s) Number of titles of the books Number of volumes Journals
1. B.Tech 1445 5600 National International
        28 14
2. M.B.A.        

List of online National/International journals subscribed : In Process

E-Library facilities : Yes

Number of Laboratories and size of each : No.-05, Size-( physics-201.3 sqm), 
                                                                      (Chemistry-176.3 sqm),Mechanics-201.3 sqm), 
                                                                      (Electrical-201.3 sqm), ( Language Lab- 80 sqm),

Number of drawing halls Laboratories and size of each : No.-01, Size-175 sqm

Number of Computer Centres with capacity of each : No.-01 Size-176.3 sqm

Central Examination Facility, Number of rooms and capacity of each. 

       Under Construction Teaching Learning Process

Curricula and syllabi for each of the programmes as approved by the university.

       * As per UPTU syllabus

Academic Calendar of the university.

       * August or otherwise as per university schedule

Academic Time Table

       * Annexure enclosed

Teaching Load of each Faculty

       * As per Syllabus

Internal Continuous Evaluation System and place.

       * Regular tests and assignments for internal assessment.

Students’ Assessment of faculty, System in place

       * Will be entertained before the end of this semester For each Post Graduate programme              give the following :

  • Title of the programme
  • Curricula and syllabi
  • Faculty profile

S.No.                 Name                     Designation                   Branch                        Teaching


Brief profile of each faculty.

Laboratory facilities exclusive to the PG programme

  • Not applicable

Special Purpose

           Software, all design tools in case
           Academic Calendar and frame work

Research focus

  • Not applicable

List of typical research projects :

           Industry linkage
           Placement Starts
           Admission procedure 
           Fee structure
           Hostel facilities

Contact address of coordinator of the PG programme
Name :
Address :
Telephone :
E-mail :

  • Not applicable


    For each Laboratory
    List of Major Equipment/ Facilities
    List of Experimental Setup

  • Annexure Enclosed

     1. Number and Configuration of Systems

  • 170
  • Core 2 Duo,2.2 Ghz, 80 GB, 512 MB, RAM , TFT,

            2. Total Number of systems connected by LAN

  • 135

            3. Total number of systems connected to WAN

  • None

            4. Internet bandwidth

  • 1 Mbps connectivity 24 hrs
  • Windows XP, Server, MS-Office, Linux,

     Workshop :

      List of facilities available :

       A central workshop of more than 900 sqm has been established to provide sufficient space        and equipment for all the workshops as per the syllabus like this  :

  • Bench work & fitting
  • Carpentry
  • Foundry
  • Sheet Metal
  • Smithy
  • Welding
  • Machine Shop

     Games and Sports Facilities:


       Outdoor and Indoor games and sports are available.

     Extra Curricular Activities:

       Debate and G.K. tests are conducted on monthly basis. 

     Soft Skill Development Facilities:

        Communication lab for development for speaking English language has been established.

     Number of classrooms and size of each:

         Nos. -03, Size-66.5 sqm  each

     Number of Tutorial rooms and size of each:

          Nos.- 02, size- 36 sqm each

    Internal Continuous Evaluation System and place:

     Our organization provides a great skill for the up gradation of our students. Doing so, we      can prepare our students to cope up with the competitive skill of the market for the external      affairs of the industries.We evaluates students by conducting the following:



  1. Class tests are being organized by the institute at regular interva of time.
  2. Seminars are being presented by the students in our esteemed institute as well as in other organization.
  3. Group discussions are conducted on recent and advanced topics/traits.
  4. Personality development cells conduct interviews at regular interval of time for the advancement of our students.

    Students assessment of faculty, system in place:

      As per the students assessment of the faculty is concerned  the director of the institution is       personally interacted with the students for the feedback of faculty and also goes through the       performance of the students in the class tests and tutorial tests.

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